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 Rules please read.

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PostSubject: Rules please read.   Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:11 pm

Don't post unless you have something to say.

Avoid AIM-style (lol, u, ne, ppl, etc) spelling.

Avoid 1337-speak - s0 |_@m3.

Use capitalization and punctuation correctly.

Don't double-post - use the edit button.

Don't post in months-old topics unless you have something significant to add.

Don't ask questions that have been answered already - use the built-in search function and try Google first.

Acceptable Post Content

No Pr0n links or images.

No spam.

Stay on topic.

No plagiarism.

No pointless flames.

Creation of multiple accounts will result in deletion of all accounts.

Your Posting Privileges

If you break any of the above rules, the Moderation team can, and very likely will, delete your account with little or no warning. If you repeatedly troll or spam on this forum I will personally ensure that your Internet access is terminated within two (2) working days.
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Rules please read.
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