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 Learning Tricks

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PostSubject: Learning Tricks   Learning Tricks I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2009 4:36 am

Article from BMX-Zone.com, http://www.bmx-zone.com/en-article-id-64.html

This is not a topic on HOW to do tricks, but more of an observation of WHAT it takes to learn a given trick, and how long it might take you to do that. This is long, so skip it if not interested.

First - I should say that I think there are two types of riders: 1) Those that have the natural balance gift, or 'feel 'and 2) Those that learn to muscle the bike into position. I have heard this before (some pro said it) -but it explains why you see guys going big, 3's over the spine, huge walltaps......and then you find out they have been riding less than 2 years, and it frustrates you. I understand. There are people out there like that, but I believe the majority of BMX riders, have to learn their tricks the hard way. One by one. Bruise by bruise. So ignoring the first bunch, I would like to give some tips based on MY experience only.

I am by no means an expert, and there are many riders on this forum that ride better than me, BUT - I ride well enough to get into and out of 8 foot ramps, I can ride vert walls, have several impressive lip tricks in my bag, and consider myself intermediate. (guui3dong and me would be good riding partners) I have ridden two years, and long enough to know it takes committment.

If you are looking to impress your friends with tricks next week, pick another sport.

1) Regardless of whether it is a bunnyhop, or a tailwhip to tail tap.....it is going to take time. More time than you think. More time than a LOT of riders are willing to put into it. It is not easy, it is hard.

I don't think the majority of new riders really realize this, and think they are going to go out an pull 100 foot long manuals, or nosepicks on a 5 foot tall quarter.... with a week of practice. Or they see someone do something and think "now that looks easy", and you find out you have no clue how to do it, you try...but you fail. It is like you have this bag, and in the beginning your bag is empty. You go to the park, or the street spot and watch other riders....but you can't really do anything. This is where we all start. DON'T ever forget this.

Now, the mistake some make sometimes is thinking they have to learn CERTAIN tricks first, based on what they see, read, or are told...well....there is no order to how you learn tricks. I know guys that can tailwhip to disaster on a competition size halfpipe, that can't manual for beans. If the first trick you feel comfortable with is a manual, than so be it. If the first trick you can learn is a 540 nosepick than so be it....but you have to work on tricks that YOUR mind and body can conceive and "see yourself doing". If you look at a wall, and think "how in the hell am I going to climb into vert on that thing"? - then you won't, or you are not ready. If you look at a set of stairs, and think I could huck down that....then you probably can. GO FOR IT.

Take it slow, and take it the direction YOU WANT TO GO, not what others tell you. Feel the bike and get to know it. My first trick I could stick in my bag was a disaster on a 4 foot quarter. Not a huge trick, but a trick nonetheless. This made it easier for me to see I could do a Smith, and a Feeble, and a double peg......and then tailtaps came....they are all linked. Point is, if you pick a direction for your BMX tricks, and stay with it....it will evolve. IT IS an evolution of learning, and it is going to take time.

2) When you find that there is a certain "move" or trick you are wanting to land, think you can do, and have fun doing...start with that. Start small, but not too small that it is not a scary challenge. I find when you are scaring yourself, you are learning

Once you get one good trick, you will start to see other things like; Could I do that one handed? Could I do it opposite? Could I alley oop that one?.....and you start getting some variations in that trick. Throw enough of them and one day you will land a little differently and your mind will go...hey...."I could huck just a little more, lean more into the ramp, and pull off X" (insert trick).....things seem more possible. Just an example.

Don't discount small training tricks like Endos, as they teach you about weight distribution out over the front wheel. Manuals are good for bike control in general, etc.

The point is - STAY WITH IT - and do what YOU FEEL is right. There were times I wanted to quit, but I am so glad I did not as my skills are coming out finally. I did a nosepick the other day, on a five foot quarter....and landed it. Sketchy, but still landed it. I could not have even imagined doing that if I had not already done 1,243,346 endos....I knew in my mind "where" the front end should be, and "where" my body should be on my bike. It felt different than just an endo sure.....but I had the learning curve to at least *think* I could do it. You have to "see it" in your minds eye. Am I consistent yet with that trick...absolutely not...but I now know I can do it, and one day when I am flowing and having a really good session (everything going right) I will do some more.

As a historical review for myself, I realize that there was a time that a disaster was all I knew...and it would scare me each and every time I threw one -- now I can throw that trick on any pipe I can ride, 100% of the time, and I have watched 5 other tricks I learned gain that same status.

Knowing that, I know I can apply this to any trick as long as I am ready for it (mentally as well as skill set) and learn it.

It's slow guys (and gals) but stay with it, ride every day, and one day it will start to pay off, just not next week

Hope this helps someone...
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PostSubject: Re: Learning Tricks   Learning Tricks I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2009 5:45 am

That was a very well written article. I'm glad you found it. The only thing is that most people will see a wall of writing and skip right past it. It could be good for newer riders.

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PostSubject: Re: Learning Tricks   Learning Tricks I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2009 5:51 am

youv pointed out what pretty much every rider already knows but nun the less thats probably most kids just starting need to read......idk how many kids just look at something and decide that they cant do it with out even trying when i ride and im trying to learn a new trick i keep telling myself i can do it and that i can land it the more confidence you have most likely the better ull get...and another thing iv seen is that alot of kids think that haveing the lightest bestest parts is gunna make them better when in reality ur not gunna go higher just cuz you have chase hawks frame or ull be able to barspin like never before cuz you have garret reynolds.....base line is you gotta try hard to get good always have fun riding
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PostSubject: Re: Learning Tricks   Learning Tricks I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2009 12:32 pm

Very nice find and great site source!
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PostSubject: Re: Learning Tricks   Learning Tricks I_icon_minitime

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Learning Tricks
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